Professional Diamond edge polisher

Diamond Edge Polisher is especially built for Sign Makers,
advertising engineers and specifically businesses like us.

Specially designed for polishing acrylics with a perfect
high quality finish, our diamond blade edge polisher
provides a flawless polished edge.
Diamond Edge Polished machines is used to convert the
edges of thermoplastic sheet material to a brightly
polished surface in one operation.

The photo on the right tells you why u need a
Professional Diamond edge polishing.

Router System

3 of our Engraver Router System create quality engraved
on all acrylic, many advanced features like an integrated
controller for fast high quality engraving. able to minimize
disruption to the cutting process, allowing us to reduce
wastage and cutting errors.

This is a heavy-duty router that can produce accurate,
repeatable, cost-effective work in considerably less time
than it takes to do the same work by hand.

Its unique combination of efficient energy concentration
and high-precision components promises to deliver an
elevated level of production.

Laser Platform Cutting System

We have 7 Laser Platform Cutting System in our company
each of our Laser platform highest performance laser
material processing solutions designed for highest
acceleration and speed plus highest precision and accuracy.

We always believe in refinement in a measurement, calculation,
or specification, especially by the number of digits given.