• 3D Design Services
  • Bonding Services
  • Colouring Services
  • Cutting & Routing Services
  • Engraving Services
  • Material Supplies
  • Milling Services
  • Packaging
  • Printing Services
  • Polishing Services
  • Shape Forming

3D Design Services

Creating 3D design & rendering.
Realistic renders of a 3D model can often help you better engage with your design. We product 3D drawing according to the requirements.
Moving from 2D to a 3D will improve how your ideas and concepts are communicated, both inside and outside your company.

Front View in lines art

Front View in full render

Perspective View in lines art

Perspective View in full render

Bonding Services

Using our advanced UV bonding technology, we’ll work to ensure your laser cut acrylic is bonded in a seamless, highly durable manner.
All of the joints will be well aligned as well as reinforced to ensure both aesthetic and structural quality.

UV Bond Effect

UV Joint

UV Bond VS Normal Bond

Tracless UV Bond

Colouring Services

We can work to match our acrylic coloring with your branding and logo.

Coloring Services

Transparent Colors

Refractive Colors

Opaque Colors

Cutting & Routing

Get superior products that are precision cut to suit your specifications with Ca-Era.
Our sophisticated laser and routing machines produce accurately cuts in terms of both size and angle.

Laser Machines

Laser Machines

Diamond Edge Polisher


Engraving Services

All of our laser cut acrylics can be engraved using our router. We can engrave text, logos, or other
branding designs onto your product.

Artwork engrave onto acrylic

Lighting bring out the beauty of it

Design engrave onto acrylic

Laser machines for artworks

Material Supplies

By using our UV enhanced acrylic material, we ensure our products will not react chemically when they come into contact with common agents
like fragrance products. By using UV enhancement, we also ensure prolonged clarity, superior fade resistance, and less yellowing.
To ensure evenness, all of our materials are also kept to a minimum thickness tolerance.

Chemical Reaction on Normal Acrylic

Defect on Certain Non UV Coated Acrylic

UV Enhance / Thickness Tolearance Acrylic

UV Enhance / Thickness Tolearance Acrylic

Milling Services

Our milling services can be engaged to produce superior display casings.
Using our router, we can mill half setting holes to the precise size of the product

Laser Cutting

Laser Machine

Router & Engrave Machine

Router & Engraver


To ensure our laser cut acrylic suffers minimal damage once it is completed, we offer custom packaging that’s designed to protect your
product whilst it’s in transit or storage. We can use a vacuum packing technique to create a variety of shapes and ensure your product is
both supported and protected.

Wrap up before packing


Final Packing

Goods Ready For Shipment

Polishing Services

Once the acrylic has been laser cut, we use our Diamond Polishing Machine (Specially imported for Belgium) to execute a smooth,
shiny finish. This provides a professional finish and ensures your branding philosophy and message is represented with the utmost

Diamond polish compared with normal polish

Diamond polish compared with normal polish

Diamond polishing machine

Diamond polishing


With our state of the art machinery and highly knowledgeable staff, we strive to provide our clients with
access to a sophisticated array of print solutions with quality finishes.

UV direct printing on acrylic

Silkscreen printing

Large format sticker printing

precise cutting machine


Ca-Era’s talented workers can manually bend and mold acrylic into virtually any required shape or angle.
The vacuum technique can also be used for more complex shaping requirements.

Dome forming

triangle-shaped donation box

Vacuum forming