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It is through the proper installation of retail and cosmetics counter displays that an understated clean organisation and maximised counter space can be attained. A well-executed retail display can also maximise conversions by elevating brand recall.

At C & A Era, we specialise in acrylic cosmetic displays customised to your intended design. We understand the importance of perfecting visual merchandising especially through the optimisation of the visual presentation of your beauty products and services to better highlight their features and benefits. And as market leaders for acrylic fabrication, we offer solutions for optimal visual merchandising and help you construct your cosmetic displays so that you can reap the benefits of enhanced product presentation.

Pick The Ideal Beauty Product Display

It is said that first impressions count. As such, it cannot be denied that one of the main factors of any successful retail shop is the impact its displays have on its consumers. Just as how your immediate environment and its visual appeal can alter your perception of the space, the same applies to customers at a retail store.

In a day and age where online shopping is supported with ever-growing hype, retail merchandising display designs are something that businesses must ace to boost their return on investment (ROI). Moreover, when there is an abundance of products to browse, not grouping products according to shades or other categories will not offer a seamless shopping experience. While it might be easy to categorise your cosmetics in baskets, it does not allow consumers to easily locate the specific product they are looking for. Therefore, investing in a cosmetics display stand is useful in organising each beauty product so that you or your customers can find exactly what you need. In addition, having the right product displays allows retailers to optimise their sales through strategic product placement.

Beauty Product Display Ideas

Retail beauty product displays need to tell a story while simultaneously shaping the overall consumer experience. With aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing retail merchandising displays being more than capable of increasing interest in products, crafting unique and brand-aligned point-of-sale displays is key to turning heads.

One of the best ways to catch your ideal consumer’s eye and, in turn, increase sales, is to curate something that elevates your brand and resembles a well-tailored beauty counter. This necessitates proper spatial analysis and the utilisation of organisation solutions like acrylic cases. Since the competition for attention is fierce, by integrating them into cosmetics displays, brands can not only build clout around a product but merchandising space can also be maximised.

Cosmetic Display Types or Fixtures

Whether you opt for racks, organisers, drawers, or shelves, our range of custom acrylic products lets you organise and display your cosmetic and beauty products with ease.

Our modular make-up desk lets you assign larger compartments for more makeup products so that you can easily put on display exactly what your target audience wants. Moreover, it utilises transparent acrylic so that you do not have to compromise on aesthetics by placing labels on each shelf. Regardless of the number of products you aim to have on display, our beauty product displays can be designed to complement your product placement schemes and give you a leg up on the competition.

What if you are looking for a storage solution for a small living space or when dealing with limited premium shelf space in a store? Then, choosing a cosmetics display stand with wheels like our mobile acrylic counter rids you of the need to compete for prime real estate on store shelves.

Acrylic Displays For Salons

If you have a salon, steps must be taken to ensure that your beauticians can easily access equipment so that they could immediately serve customers. An acrylic cosmetic display lets your staff find makeup products easily and quickly without scrambling through containers.

Moreover, our mobile counter will help your staff quickly move various items across an allocated space. Instead of picking out cosmetic products for each customer at different areas of the store, they can collect the products in our mobile counter before wheeling it over to a customer for their convenience.

Organise Your Cosmetics Store With An Acrylic Display

Head into any beauty brand store and you’re sure to be welcomed by a stunning retail display that creatively has all of their products up for all the see, touch and feel. To facilitate such a sensory experience, the proper cosmetic counter display is needed. Whether you are looking for something whimsical that aptly captures the essence of your brand or a simple cosmetic display case for a fresh and clean vibe, C & A Era allows you to communicate your brand message with the highest degree of style and confidence.

Since in-store product placement is an art form in and of itself, consider our modular make-up desks if your cosmetic store needs a beauty product display. The clear, shiny design lets you showcase your latest products and attract customers. Also, these acrylic cases allow potential clients to easily browse your selection. After all, the products being sold are made available to address specific pain points of potential customers and these displays should be designed to facilitate this process rather than hinder it. With the proper product placement and understanding of goods being sold, organisation solutions like modular acrylic displays and beauty product cases can be utilised to complement field marketing to ease issues such as the restocking of empty shelves.

Get Ready Easily with an LED Desktop Mirror

If you’re doing your own makeup, we understand that you need an extra mirror to accurately apply specific products such as your eyeliner or lipstick. Our online catalogue also includes an LED desktop mirror – you can easily put on your makeup with a closer look, and the LED light will offer you a clearer view of your application.

Shop Online Now 

Find a range of cosmetic displays in our online store. For easy organisation, you can pick our 5-piece basic set and mix-and-match different design arrangements to your makeup and product needs. The acrylic dividers in the beauty product display can be removed and placed differently to allow for more cosmetics to stand such as foundation bottles and lipsticks to be arranged neatly or create more space for larger types of products like compact powders.

View C & A Era’s catalogue of cosmetic displays below to find one suitable for your beauty products and brand. If you have any concerns pertaining to our products or need to inquire about a cosmetics display stand you are keen to purchase, please drop us a message and we will revert to you as soon as we can.

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