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 Cosmetic Counter Display
Are you looking for a good beauty product display for your dressing table or your salon? At C & A Era, we specialise in acrylic cosmetic displays of all shapes and sizes, which will be perfect for any type of beauty product.
Pick The Ideal Beauty Product Display 
It is very unsightly to see your makeup strewn all over the table. What is frustrating is when you cannot find that favourite mascara or eyeliner and you’re already running late for a meeting – or worse, your first date. While it is easy to categorise your cosmetics in baskets, it does not allow you to easily locate the specific product as they are all mixed up in a sea of assorted items. Therefore, investing in a cosmetics display stand is useful in organising each beauty product so that you can find what you need in a second.

We have a range of cosmetic displays which you can place on the counter or in the drawer. For easy organisation, you can pick our 5-piece basic set allows you to have five different design arrangements of your makeup. The acrylic dividers in the beauty product display can be removed and placed differently to allow for more cosmetics to stand such as foundation bottles and lipsticks to be arranged neatly or create more space for larger types of product like compact powders.

If you’re doing your own makeup, we understand that you need an extra mirror to accurately apply specific products such as your eyeliner or lipstick. Our online catalogue also includes an LED desktop mirror – you can easily put on your makeup with a closer look, and the LED light will offer you a clearer view of your application.
Shop Online Now 
View the catalogue of cosmetic displays below for our beauty products. If you have any concerns pertaining to our products or need to inquire about a cosmetics display stand you are keen to purchase, please drop us a message and we will revert to you as soon as we can.