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Creating a good impression on potential customers is an important step in selling your products or services. We work with a variety of businesses throughout Singapore to help them create their very own cosmetic counter, which is an effective way of presenting a product or brand in a stylish and appealing way.

At C & A Era, we create dynamic display cases and boxes in any design to suit your specific needs. Our team can help you with prototypes during the early stages of your project and guide you all the way to producing a final product.

Why you should choose an acrylic counter

The specially designed plastic materials we use for our products possess similarities to glass with a variety of added benefits. Acrylic is a much stronger alternative with a lower risk of breakage, and it possesses a superior optical clarity to glass which can be prone to colour distortion.

A Cosmetic counter from C & A Era is highly weather resistant and will not be damaged by rain, pollutants or sunlight. While looking sleek and stylish, our plastic products have a surprising level of strength which helps prevent cracks and shattering.

We create cosmetic counters that are both striking and practical

Flexible, durable and lightweight, our range of counters and acrylic display cases in Singapore can be customised to be ideal for any application. They also safeguard the contents of the case from dust, UV rays, ageing and other forms of wear and tear. Acrylic counters and stands, in comparison to glass, are more practical, cost-efficient and hard-wearing solution.

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