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Get a Plastic Display Box from Singapore’s Chief Supplier

When putting an item on show from everyday objects to trophies and memorabilia, you need a case that presents itself aesthetically while being protective and durable.

At C & A Era, we fabricate different designs of acrylic boxes for an endless variety of purposes and are consistently chosen by businesses all over Singapore for our ability to create to any custom specifications. No matter how unique your needs are, we can make displays in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles to suit both domestic and corporate use.

Choose an acrylic box and enjoy the advantages

What makes our plastic products ideal is their strength and versatility — they can be easily shaped into anything you need while remaining tough and durable. Our plastic display box and rack designs are also non-porous, making them highly stain-resistant and incredibly easy to keep spotless with a resistance to abrasive cleaners.

While we hold our designs to the highest standards, we have a similar focus on maintaining affordable prices to suit any budget. We use cost-effective techniques without sacrifice on quality for results you won’t get anywhere else in Singapore.

Display anything from a sales product to your CD collection

We can cut, shape, paint and colour a case to perfectly fit your requirements for size and style. Our clients come to us for a cosmetic counter, plastic display or acrylic box in Singapore to help store books, die casts, gifts, ornaments and anything else you can think of with style and easy maintenance. Our products are also incredibly lightweight for their strength, so you won’t have any trouble transporting it to your home or business and can move it around with ease.

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