Customised Acrylic Displays for Maximum Impact

C & A Era

C & A Era was established in 1999 in Singapore. Its operations are carried out by a group of dedicated professionals, with more than 20 years of experience and specialized skills in the acrylic business.

A foremost fabricator of acrylic display products, C & A Era takes pride in its 65% of the cosmetic market share. C & A Era, with its vast experience, has fabricated a good line of acrylic products and signages. Be it a small, medium-sized or a big enterprise, we work with all these companies to design, develop and produce customized acrylic products.

C & A Era stands apart from competitors due to its top-notch calibre in delivering quality products, exemplary workmanship, quick delivery and effective after-sales support.

In order to deliver top-quality products to clients, C & A Era constantly invests in machines and upgrades its equipment on a frequent basis, thus remaining abreast of the latest trends in production technologies. As a matter of fact, C & A Era is one of the first acrylic display suppliers in Singapore to use Laser Cutting and Diamond polishing of acrylic in the country.

C & A Era’s staff are one of its most valuable resources, as they make the best effort in upgrading their skills on a constant basis. C & A Era assures you its commitment in turning out the best-quality fabrication works; which stand the test of time due to their unique quality. We are also dedicated in enhancing our client’s products to the best of our abilities, without detracting from the original designs.