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Established in 1999 by a team of trained professionals, we at C&A Era are an experienced acrylic display supplier in Singapore specialising in a range of plastic display products such as display stands and boxes, toy boxes, and more. Our acrylic fabrication services are underpinned by years of knowledge that are effective in meeting the needs of any individual or business.

The first in Singapore to implement laser cutting technology, C&A Era has long been able to provide the best and most diverse range of acrylic plastic products to our clients. Today, C&A Era is one of the market leaders in acrylic fabrication in Singapore, producing plastic products and displays made with modern techniques and the latest technology. Achieving the most precise finish on each and every piece, we are a trusted acrylic display supplier in Singapore that ships worldwide, and are more than capable of bringing you customised acrylic display options that cater to your needs and preferences.

Our Portfolio Acrylic Products Supplied in Singapore

At C&A Era, we create custom dynamic plastic displays in any design for a variety of businesses throughout Singapore to cater to each of our client’s specific needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a specialised acrylic display supplier in Singapore to provide durable plastic products to complement your internal and external engagement strategies, look no further than C&A Era to partner with. Our dedicated team of professionals will assess your custom acrylic display needs and develop several prototypes during the early stages of your project and guide you all the way to producing a final product that will make the perfect grand statement while still staying true to your brand. Some of the many acrylic plastic products that we supply in Singapore include:


Acrylic Display Boxes, Dividers and More

Looking to encase your prized possessions? Whether you are searching for ways to showcase your cherished items at home or in your shop or looking to procure ready-to-buy acrylic toy boxes or acrylic displays in bulk, C&A Era makes a vast array of acrylic display boxes available in our online shop. Designed to protect everything from art pieces to memorabilia, our premium, highly practical and aesthetically-pleasing acrylic display boxes will ensure that your prized collectibles can be appreciated from all angles. From countertop displays for toys and vinyl records to acrylic desk dividers, we offer them all.


Tailor-Made Custom Acrylic Boxes and More

Understanding the demands for acrylic boxes, display stands, custom toy displays and other products specifically fabricated and customised to your intended use, we at C&A Era can tailor-make acrylic products according to your design preference and measurements. Be it a beauty product display or other acrylic solutions that offer countless storage possibilities, you can have them customised to any size, thickness, specifications and colour you require.


Partner with C&A Era Today

 At our acrylic shop in Singapore, we make an effort to maintain a good reputation within our base of potential and existing customers as this is an important step in acquiring their trust in our products and services. We let businesses create their very own acrylic cosmetic counters for their branding needs and even provide everyday customers get their hands on secure, durable and presentable acrylic displays to frame their prized possessions. Beyond that, we also specialise in trophies and plaques, dessert holders and customised poster frames.


We go beyond Singapore and cater to a loyal clientele base in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. C&A Era has helped many organisations like Clinique, Aveda, Bobbi Brown, and other businesses all over the world to develop and produce customised acrylic products and has worked hard to be a dedicated acrylic plastic display supplier globally. Some of these companies who have used our expert fabrication services include:

ABR (Swensons)
Asia Pacific Breweries
Bobbi Brown
Dr’s Secret

Diners Club
Elizabeth Arden
Estee Laurder Group
F.J. Benjamin
Hotel Continental Singapore
K.K Hospital

Levis Strauss
La Mer
LVMH Fragrances
Marriot Hotel Singapore
Merchant Court Hotel
Perlini’s Silver
Raffles Hospital
Shangri-La Hotel

Singapore Armed Forces
Singapore Press Holdings
Singapore Sports Council
Singapore Telecom
Singapore Turf Club
Tai Sing Corporation
The Face Shop
Touch Community Services

3D Design
Cosmetic Display
Display Ideas
Furniture design(NEW)
Injection / Vacuum Forming
Medical / Pharmaceuticals
Sneeze Guard
Toys / Hobbies
Trophy / Plaque / Signage